Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spaghetti Anyone?

First spaghetti experience.

Second spaghetti experience.

Third spaghetti experience.

Well, first I have to apologize for taking such a long time to post another blog. It has been absolutely crazy around here. We have had one thing after another with little time to relax. Thankfully we are having a peaceful afternoon today! In spite of all of the things we have had going on, we are doing pretty well. Avi Grace has been sick off an on with the normal daycare illnesses. I am hoping we get rid of the runny nose and cough soon, but I am not counting on it seeing as how we are entering the winter months!

Avi Grace is just a bundle of joy these days. She is such a happy little thing. She's practically running, and I'd have to say that she owns this place! She still struggles with just having the one nap at daycare, but she has learned to tolerate it pretty well! All this week she would become giddy when we pulled up in the daycare parking lot! I guess that means she is enjoying herself when she is there!

The pictures above are from her first real spaghetti experience. I cooked spaghetti one night for dinner, and she LOVED it! She stuffed herself so full several nights in a row that we thought she might explode! Really, one night after she ate a ton of spaghetti, some green beans, a whole banana and some peaches, I had to cut her off! Her belly was so full and tight! As you can see from the pictures, she became progressively messier with her spaghetti eating! We just laughed at her, which made her smear it even more!

A couple of things she is doing right now that I absolutely love are: 1. Last week she started humming to herself. Mostly it is when she is in her car seat, but it is the sweetest thing, and it just makes my heart melt every time I hear it! I am dying to get a video of it, but the timing hasn't been right thus far; 2. She is able to do 3 signs: the sign for more, the sign for eat, and the sign for all done. The sign for more is my favorite. We haven't really tried to teach her other signs, but I am sure she would pick those up too, if we showed them to her. She is also trying to say thank you, which is sweet!

I promise I'll try not to let it take so long before I blog again! Take care.

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)