Monday, June 28, 2010

Boppy Popcorn

I feel like I have so many things I want to blog about, but I can't seem to get them organized in my head to blog about any of them! I guess that's what happens when you are 36 weeks pregnant! Yes, you read right, I am 36 weeks, and I will be having this baby girl in 3 weeks. I talked with my doctor last week, and we are planning to have a scheduled C-section on Wednesday, July 21st unless she decides to come sooner on her own (unlikely, I'm sure, just because I'm smoldering in this heat!). Anyway, we still don't have a name nailed down. It's kind of a non-issue around our house it seems; Drew and I just don't really talk about it. However, I find it interesting how important it is to other people! It doesn't bother me, it's just funny! I keep assuring everyone we will have a name by the time we go to the hospital! On the other hand, Avi decided a little while back that the baby's name should be Boppy Popcorn. Quite a lovely name, huh? Boppy is what she calls her blanket, and I can't remember why she chose popcorn to go with it, but she does love popcorn! We've thrown it into the mix of names, but I don't think it's really in the running. What do you think? My dad and my nephew got out my dad's high school year books and started looking up names. They definitely came up with some interesting ones! My "favorite" was Jeffie Jane...yes, he had a girl who went to his school who was named that (sorry, not trying to offend anyone!). So, the name game has been fun, but it will soon end, and we will move on to bringing this nameless child into the world, which brings me to my next update...

I've told my husband for a while that I wouldn't have another child in the house we live in now (it's only 1250 square feet), and I also didn't want to be pregnant/taking care of a new baby while building a house. Well, guess what? I'm doing both of those things I swore I wouldn't do. I'm so glad God has a sense of humor! So, we are set to start the foundation on our new house any day now. The dirt work has been finished for a few weeks now, and we are just waiting on the builder start the foundation. So, needless to say, we have a lot going on around here. I'm excited, anxious and nervous about both endeavors. It is going to be an interesting next 6 to 8 months!

I couldn't post an update without a few pics of Avi. She's having a great summer. I can't believe she will be 3 in September. She's lots of fun, and I'm amazed at how girly she is...she loves playing with her baby dolls, she wants to wear a dress to school everyday ("I wanna wear a big dress mama!"), and she loves to put on lipstick to "make me even prettier." Not sure where the lipstick thing came from at all...I hardly ever even put it on myself! She's a sweetheart.

Avi loves to play in the sink, "doing her dishes." Oh, please lord, let her keep that desire as she grows older! Ha!

Avi loves to make a pallet on the floor. On this particular day, she unrolled her school nap mat and wanted me to take a picture of her with her baby dolls, Penny (left) and Amy (right), hence the fake smile!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Beach

Avi and I went to the beach last week with my mom, my sister, Sheri, and her two kids, John Michael and Madison. We missed having my other sister, Abbi, there. Unfortunately she is teaching a class right now and couldn't get away to join us. We tried out a new venue this year--the Beach Club near Fort Morgan, AL. It was very nice, and I think we will go again. The first two days we were there, it rained in the morning. In the above pic, Avi was looking outside checking out the rain...wishing it would quit, especially since we had already put on our sunscreen and were ready to head to the beach!

SO, while it was raining, Avi and Madison decided to make funny faces at me!

And we finally got to go to the beach!! Avi loved the sand, and thankfully we had a week of fairly mild temperatures with nice breezes. The oil clumps started coming ashore late Friday afternoon, and we left Saturday morning, so we were very lucky to enjoy a clean beach while we were there. The rest of the pictures are of our "photo" session on the beach. Since Abbi wasn't with us this year, I had to play photographer. Not sure I got anything great, but some of them are pretty good. I love beach pictures!

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)