Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Developing Every Day!

She really enjoyed her carrots on this particular evening! 
I love that smile! 
I think I am going to have to take her mobile down soon because she pulls on it so hard that she is going to break it! 
All smiles this morning before we left the house! 
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Wow! It seems like Avi Grace is just developing overnight! Yesterday she was really babbling and talking to us. She also REALLY wants to stand on her own. When I am holding her hands and she is standing, she wants to let go! I guess she is trying to tell me that she wants to do it on her own. I'm not so sure she is ready for that yet...or maybe I'm not ready for that yet! She FINALLY rolled over from her back to her tummy last night on her own! We have been "practicing" this every night for several months now, but she just hadn't quite gotten it together. She was getting more frustrated than anything. Thankfully she made it all the way over last night! We clapped for her and she got very excited! I think we almost scared her because we were so excited! We are having so much fun with Avi Grace! I love going home in the afternoons and having outside time with her. She LOVES to be outside, so we usually stay outside until it is time for her to go to bed!

OHHH, and she has gotten her first tooth!! The bottom right tooth popped through on Saturday (or at least that was when I felt it for the first time!). I had noticed she had been sticking out her tongue a lot, but now I realize she has just been feeling her tooth with her tongue! I'm sure it was a new texture for her!

Friday, April 4, 2008

A lot going on...

Avi Grace seeing her first snow! 
Avi Grace, Jack & Emily at an MSU basketball game 
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Avi Grace enjoying her swing 
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And she sleeps... 
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Love this picture of Avi Grace & Grandaddy! 
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Avi Grace playing with her great grandparents
& Great Aunt Susan on the back porch! 
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Sorry I have been a slacker blogger as of late. We have had a lot going on in our household! The last time I posted, I was sick. I ended up missing an entire week of work. I don't remember the last time I did that. Then Drew got sick...I guess it wasn't going to go away until we all had it! Then advising started at my work, and I have been swamped with paperwork and lots of appointments with students. I still have lots waiting on me right now on my desk! On Tuesday of this week, Avi Grace started a little stomach bug. She threw up 4 times on Tuesday, but then she was fine after that--slept all night and was fine on Wednesday. Then yesterday, she had a few not so fun diapers while she was with the babysitter and she threw up again yesterday evening. However, after that she slept fine all night. This morning she has thrown up again, so I am not really sure what is going on! Between her episodes she plays and seems to be fine. It is really strange. However, there has been a major stomach bug going around Starkville, and I guess it is going to just have to run its course. It is lasting a little longer than I would like for it to, though!

Anyway, I have had many pictures I needed to post, so i just posted them all today! Back at the beginning of March, we got a light dusting of snow one night. I was able to get a picture of Avi Grace in the snow before it all melted very quickly when the sun came out!! We also went to the MSU vs. LSU basketball game before spring break, and we managed to get a picture of the kids together--Avi Grace, Jack & Emily. We got Avi Grace a swing (actually a friend of ours--Kathy Parker--let us borrow the swing; thanks Kathy!). She LOVES it! She will sit and swing for 20-30 minutes and just look around and kick her feet and smile. She loves to be outside, and this just gives her a way to see everything!

Finally, great Grandmother and Granddaddy Elliott and Aunt Susan McAllister came to visit us last Saturday. We had lots of fun playing on the porch swing and being outside. We have 3 purple martin bird houses out in our yard, and we have about 12-16purple martins who live there. They are wonderful birds. Their singing is beautiful, AND they eat mosquitos!! Very nice! So, Avi Grace LOVES to look at the birds. When we walk over to the houses, the birds all fly out and swarm above us and she just looks at them and follows them as they fly around. It is fun to watch! She and Grandaddy walked out to see the birds together.

Well, hopefully this stomach bug will go away very soon. I just hope Drew and I don't get it! Y'all have a nice weekend.

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)