Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been too long

Well, lots has been happening at our house lately. I have survived another advising period at my job (it was very hectic!). We only have a week and a half left in the semester--WooHoo! I have been playing a lot of tennis, and drew has been training for his upcoming triathalons, bike rides and runs. He did his first big event of the year in January. He ran the Starkville Frostbite Half Marathon. He came in 3rd for his age group with a time of 1 : 33 : 44 (28th overall out of 252 runners). He did very well! Drew also did a 100-mile bike ride on the Natchez Trace this past Saturday. It is an annual event. He had a lot of fun. He finished the ride in just under 6 hours. Avi and I are very proud of him! He has several events coming up, and I'll let you know how he does!

Drew with his new Trek bike before the 100-mile ride on the Natchez Trace.

And now for what you all actually came to the site to see! Avi is just becoming a big girl right before our eyes. She is talking up a storm. She can say pretty say much anything she wants to say. This past week she really started saying her "s" sound very well. It is adorable. I love to hear her say "silly." I love to hear her talk...unless it is when she is being sassy and saying "no" to me! We had fun dying Easter eggs with Emily Adkerson and Jack Fountain. Avi wasn't as interested in the actual dying process as Emily and Jack. She found a tricycle to play on while they were dying eggs, and then she did some right at the end. I let her color on a couple of the eggs, and she thought that was fun! We also "borrowed" Jack's small slide that he has outgrown. Avi has LOVED playing on it at our house. As you can tell from the pictures, she has to work pretty hard to get up on the platform where she can slide, but she really enjoys playing on it. Thanks, Jack, for letting us borrow it! OH, and note her hair in the pictures on the slide...there was so much static that her hair was standing straight up!

Sliding down the slide.

Working SOO hard to get up on the platform!

Aren't the eggs colorful?!

Totting around on the tricycle while Emily and Jack dye eggs

Emily and Jack...too cute!

So much fun with the eggs!

Avi wearing daddy's boots! She thought she was too cool!

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)