Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

What a picture to start with, I know. But, this is how Avi looked when she woke up on Christmas morning! She had some crazy hair going on. She took a bath and washed her hair at my mom's house the day before, and for some reason her hair went crazy. It looked like she had stuck her finger in a light socket. We even rebathed her that night and rewashed her hair, and it didn't help! Drew was VERY concerned about her hair!

So, of course, he had to brush it before she could go see what Santa brought her! It looked a little better after he brushed it, but it was still very funny looking.

I love this picture! When Drew put her down, she started running to her toys! It was so cute.

She loved gettting all the things out of her stocking. I'm sure it was like a treasure chest!

Showing us her Hello Kitty playing cards.

And, of course her favorite, M & Ms. She was very proud of them!

Opening one of her presents. You can see it in the bottom of this picture...she got a sit & spin. She loves it. She spins and tells us to look at her spinning. Very cute. I think she had a great Christmas morning! It was fun to watch her slowly discover and understand Santa this year!

Drew's Gaming Abilities

Okay, those of you who know Drew will really get a kick out of this video! Joel, my sister Abbi's husband, has a Wii, and he brought it home with them for Christmas. He got a new set of games for Christmas, and one of the games was sword fighting. And, so the video is of Joel (in the back) and Drew (in the front) doing their best sword fighting. Ya think Drew got a little into it??!! Notice the difference between Drew and Joel!

Monday, December 28, 2009

I don't wear diapers anymore, I'm a big girl!

This is the phrase I hear every morning when Avi wakes up & I am changing her diaper!

She says, "I don't wear diapers anymore, mama! I'm a big girl. I only wear diapers at nighttime!"

And, I am very happy to say she is right. I would venture to say she is potty trained! It just kinda happened. She decided she was ready...she's had a few accidents, but really not very many. I'm sure she will have more over the course of time, but she's doing pretty well! She pretty much tells us anytime she needs to go to the potty, and oh how nice it is not to be changing diapers all the time! I guess the focus has shifted, though! We're constantly asking her if she needs to go potty. Most of the time she says, "I don't." It's been fun to see her figure it all out, and it's pretty amazing that she understands when she needs to go potty now! So, I guess I got my Christmas present after all! And, it's a great one. Oh, and I promise, Christmas pictures to come. I'm working on it!

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)