Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Pics & First Major Bobo

So, this was Avi Grace's costume. She was a PIG! I fell in love with the costume when I found it, and I had to get it even though I had a passed down lion costume already. She did so well in her costume! She left the head piece on every time that she wore it. She didn't even bother with it.

We had SUCH a fun time at the Fall Festival at our church. Avi Grace walked around like she owned the place! They had a room just for toddlers, which is where the first couple of pictures were taken, but when we first got there, we walked into the gym. That is where the "big kid" games were taking place. As you can see Avi Grace decided she was going to be a pumpkin thief!! It was funny. I would return the pumpkins and then she would just take them again!

Isn't this the most adorable costume in the world?? A SKUNK!! This is cutie Turner, who is in Avi Grace's Sunda School Class. His parents work with Campus Crusade for Christ at MSU. Loved the skunk costume!!

Emily Adkerson as a clown

Brent & Jack Fountain as Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat

Cy & Nicholas Hallberg as Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat!

We enjoyed getting to see some of our friends at the fall festival. Aren't the costumes cute?! Amy Fountain has more pictures on her blog if you want to look at them.

See the blood on her dress?

See her fat lip?

Yep, that's right. Avi Grace got her first major bobo today. I'm glad I wasn't home when it happened. I know that may sound weird, but I think I would have freaked out more if I had been there. It happened right before I got home. Drew was very sweet and picked her up from daycare this afternoon. They were about to take a ride on the 4-wheeler to check on the cows. The 4-wheeler is very old and extremely temperamental, and as Drew was struggling to change the gears, it jumped a bit and Avi busted her lip on one of the handlebars. Drew said she cried for less than a minute. She got blood on her dress, but we have already washed it, and it came out! After about 5 minutes she acted like nothing had ever happened. Her lip is fat, but I don't think any other damage was done!

One last note. Those of you who know us well know that Drew drives a 1990 Toyota Forerunner. Yes, that makes the truck 18 years old! It has had no air conditioning for at least 5 or 6 years now. Anyway, just thought I would share our monumental news. Drew bought a new-to-him truck today!! Woo-hoo! Avi Grace and I are so excited! It is a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. It even has air conditioning!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party & Sneak Peak of Avi's Costume

Avi Grace wearing the head piece to her costume before Halloween

Avi Grace at school on Halloween

Avi Grace & Miller playing with my cake carrier

Avi Grace & Miller sitting in the fun chairs

Peter & Avi Grace

Avi Grace eating Cheese Puffs at her school party

Miller, Peter & Nohl, 3 of the 4 boys in Avi Grace's class

Aren't Halloween parties so much FUN!

I've got lots of pictures to post from the Fall Festival at our church with Avi Grace in costume. It will take me a few days to get it all on the computer and then on the blog! So, you'll have to enjoy the preview of her costume for now! The other pictures are from Avi Grace's party at school on Friday. I enjoyed being able to go to the party and seeing the kiddos eat cheese puffs, cookies with orange icing and drink juice drinks. Avi Grace LOVED the cheese puffs! It was the first time she had eaten took her a long time to eat one of them, but she really liked them! Thankfully her teacher was smart enough to put spare t-shirts on the kids while they ate their "party" food! I had fun watching them eat and play. It was fun to see Avi Grace in her element with other children!

Avi Grace's first haircut (before & after!)